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Do you have more
than 20 people working in your office?

You have been selected to receive a free sample platter
from our range of mini bagels, mini challah buns,
cookies and 

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We specialize in catering for offices in London

B BAGEL PLATTERS is your perfect solution to your ongoing catering needs.
Freshly made platters delivered to your office
7 days a week between 08:00 - 19:00.

Terms & Conditions: 1. B Bagel Platters offers a free sample platter for offices in London located in our delivery zone and which employs 20 staff members or more in this particular office. 2. The free sample platter will be delivered to you at no cost and no obligation. 3. By filling the form you declare that all the information provided is accurate and true. 4. B Bagel reserve the right not to provide a free platter based on our internal criteria, mainly number of people working at the office and geographic location. 5. Date and time for the free platter will be coordinated with you according to our and your availability.

Our delivery zones - EC, WC, N5, N7, N1, NW5, NW3, NW2, NW8, NW10, NW1, NW6, SE22, SE24, SE15, SE5, SE16, SE14, SE11, SE17, SE1, W3, W5, W7, W13, W11, W12, W4, W6, W1, W2, W8, W14, SW20, SW16, SW17, SW18, SW12, SW4, SW9, SW15, SW11, SW18, SW8, SW14, SW13, SW1, SW3, SW5, SW6, SW7, SW10