What do the bagels contain?

Our bagels contain flour, fresh yeast, water, salt and sugar. They are suitable for vegans, with no dairy or eggs.

Do you boil your bagels?

YES, of course – it's the only way to make real bagels!

Are all the bagels fresh from today?

Yes, they are all freshly-baked so you can rest assured that you will be getting the best quality of bagel possible. This includes any platters you order.

Will the bagels be okay to eat tomorrow?

Yes. If you have any leftovers, you can keep them for tomorrow but you really need to keep them refrigerated overnight and consume them the day after, We don't use any additives, which means they are best eaten as soon as possible.

What are the ingredients of the Challah?

Flour, fresh yeast, water, vegetable oil, eggs, sugar and salt.

What is the food served on?

A black platter, but if there are any other requirements then just get in touch and we can discuss it.


How far in advance do I need to order a platter?

As far in advance as you like! We only ask that orders for the following day is placed before 12:00pm.

Do you deliver 7 days a week and what are your operating hours?

Yes, we are open 7 days per week and we can deliver between 8.00am -8.00pm.

What if we are not happy with the delivery?

We’re confident you will be but if there is anything you’re not happy with we will do our absolute best to resolve it and make sure we meet your expectations. Give us a call on 020 7351 2931 or email /


What is Real School?

The name says it all. This is a place for motivated adults to get real, relevant and rich lessons. Our teachers are real-world leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, managers, specialists and experts in the business world. Our lessons are all focused on practical advice. Lessons are taught online, for a maximum of one hour each, and in real-time, meaning the speakers are accessible and can answer your questions during the lesson. Real School is for those who want to learn, and for those who want to teach. Anybody can learn, and anybody can apply to teach a lesson.

How can I learn?

Click on the 'Learn' button and pick a business topic you want to learn. Upcoming lessons of the selected business topic will show up. If you want to see all upcoming lessons regardless of the business topics, click 'All topics'. Once you have selected your lesson, register as a member on Real School and sign up for the lesson. You will receive a confirmation email with a Zoom link to login to the online lesson on the date and time. Be sure to note the timezone when booking the lesson. All lessons are between 40 minutes to an hour.
At this time, we have only a few lessons available but we will be adding more soon.

How can I teach?

Click on the 'Teach' page and follow the three steps there to create a lesson. Register as a Real School member, create your speaker profile, and create your lesson. Pick a date and time of convenience for your online lesson. All lessons are between 40 minutes and one hour in duration. Once lessons are approved, they will appear on the Real School website for others to sign up. On the day of the lesson, be sure to enter the link 10 minutes beforehand to test out the video and audio and get ready to wow your audience! At this time, only selected people have been granted access to speak. We will be opening this up to more speakers soon.

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